All aspects of pitched roofing.




A thin roof covering laid to a double lap fixed onto battens.

Natural Slate
Natural Slate
Natural Slate
Slating:- Natural

A fine grained rock that splits easily into sheets.

Slates were used regionally as a roof covering and with the advent of the industrial revolution, transport use became widespread across the world. Slates now are quarried and available from Wales, Spain, America, Canada and China.

Slating:- Man-Made

Man made slates are generally made with fibre cement are fixed with copper nails & a disc rivet, they are commonly available in two sizes and offer a cost effective roof covering.
A variety of textures and colours which can vary the finished effect.

Tiling:- Concrete Interlocking

The popularity of these increased in the 1930’s with the advent of modern technology and increased demand for housing.

They are available in a wide range of profiles and finishes. Modern systems have complimentary fittings that can be ‘Dry’ fixed offering long term security.

Tiling:- Plain Tiles

A flat tile made from clay.

These have origins from Roman times. In 1212 AD King John issued building by-laws for London that required combustible roof coverings to be replaced with clay tiles. The size was standardised in 1477 by King Edward IV, this size remains virtually the same today.

Handmade Clay Plain Tiles
Clay Plain Tiles
Clay Plain Tiles
Clay Plain Tiles
Interlocking Clay Tiles
Interlocking Clay Tiles Interlocking Clay Tiles
Tiling:- Interlocking Clay

An increasingly popular roof covering combining the economy of concrete interlocking but giving the natural look of clay. They are available in flat and profiled shapes in a host of colours.

Glazed Interlocking
Warm Roof
Warm Roof
Warm Roof
Warm Roofs

An insulation material laid over the rafters, or over and
in between rafters.

With increasing demand to save energy, these systems are becoming more practical.
Depending upon the roof construction either a rigid board system or multi layer foil system are used these are complimented with breathable felts and ventilation products


Cedar Shingles and Shakes


These are imported from North America and Canada and are produced by being split and sawn from Western Red Cedar timber.

They not only offer a lightweight roof covering, but also have high thermal insulation properties.

They have a natural preservative for prolonged life and weather to a silver grey.

Cedar Shakes
Solar Collectors

AST Roofing is a registered installer of Solar Collectors with the NFRC. An ongoing training program for all of our staff ensures compliance with the latest technology.

There are two categories of solar collectors:-

Solar Thermal.

These consist of units being placed on a south facing slope of the roof, the warmth from the sun heats a fluid in a sealed system, and this then preheats your water before either going into your boiler or an immersion system.

The major manufacturers of these products are Velux, Viridian, Roto, Worcester Bosch and Redland. They can be fitted as part of a new roof or incorporated into the existing roof.


Photo Voltaic.

AST Roofing is an approved installer of Solar Century ‘C21e' products.

They can be fitted into a ‘slate' roof or the more common flat interlocking tile formats.

The panels work by converting the suns rays into DC electricity; this is then converted into AC electricity to be used either by the homeowner or sold back to the ‘grid'.

Currently there are grants available from the government to help with installation costs.

Sun Pipes    

There are several types on the market offering a range of sizes. By fitting a frame or dome into the roof, light is tunnelled to a ceiling diffuser giving daylight to places or rooms that are normally gloomy.

AST Roofing has fitted sun pipes to schools, flats and private houses. In response to a recently fitted ‘Velux' sun tunnel the customer commented that every time she went into the room she tried to turn off the light as it was so different in the room.



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